FE Exam Time Block Study Calendar in 5 Minutes!

Guide To Making a FE Exam Time Block Study Calendar in Under 5 Minutes!

What would it look like if there was a way to double your productivity when studying for the FE course? A way to be intentional about your time and spend it the way you want to! Of course, just by reading this now, you’ve got an idea that we are talking about time blocking.

Imagine having a personal assistant who plans your weekly schedule down to the last minute. At any given point, you know exactly what you should be doing. Well, you don’t have that, so using a time blocking calendar is the next best thing you could do. 

The high level concept was discussed in last week’s video, but now you probably want the details. So bringing up a better one. Here’s a guide to creating one of your own!

Hello folks! Kenza here! and with my online courses, I’ve helped hundreds of students, just like you, pass their FE exams.

First, what do we need to create our time block calendar? Well, we need our list of fixed obligations – work, family events, chores, and other activities important to your life. This could be going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or recharging.

Now that we have the list, let’s create the time block calendar for the FE exam prep.

Let’s open google calendar. I prefer to use google calendar cause it’s simple and you can use colors, but feel free to use another app according to what makes your life easy. 

Then we’re going to create a new calendar – see notes!

Check off all other calendars, and start the week on Monday

Start by placing the fixed obligations first, then moving on to your important activities. Create a time block for work first,

Follow the below walkthrough. Make sure you adjust it so it fits your own schedule, this is just an example following which you can create your own!


1. Place work and other fixed obligations on the calendar (time skip to finished result)

a. Commute

b. Breakfast? Dinner?


2. Start placing fun stuff / important things

a. Being intentional with your time doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

b. You maintain motivation through balance! (Insert GIF of Uncle Ir-oh with tea).


3. Tip 1: Place buffers in between blocks!

a. 10-15 minutes.

b. Allows for schedule flexibility – if a task overflows, it doesn’t ruins your entire schedule.


4. Tip 2: Know your natural energy levels

a. Tired after coming home from work? GYM! WALK! Raise that energy.

b. Place items accordingly.


5. Start placing the other important tasks like studying etc.

a. Our students spend only 1-2 hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours Saturday & Sunday. We make it easy for you to study because we provide you with exactly what you need to pass your FE. Check our courses and start studying in an organized way!!


6. Final Tip: Have a free period/catchall/overflow block

a. It also gives flexibility to your schedule.

b. Had to cancel studying one day because a friend wanted to meet up? Move the study session to the free block

c. Didn’t accomplish all the tasks you wanted to? Free block


The Final Time Block Finished

Look, guys, I really want to emphasize the power of the time block. Do you see how it removes the need for willpower?

You don’t need to think. Just show up and put in the work.

If you were following the above blog, you now have a completed Time Blocked Schedule which will be a powerful tool for studying. But there’s something else that pairs nicely with your calendar, a habit that reduces the need for willpower even further. So if you want to know what that habit is you’ll have to stay tuned for the upcoming blog!.

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