5 FE Exam updates in 2023

5 FE Exam Updates in 2023

fe exam updates in 2023

The FE Exam has been evolving throughout the years and we’re here to bring you the freshest updates about the NCEES and the Exam itself in 2023.

If you’re currently preparing for your FE Exam, these updates might just be what you need to better prepare for the Exam!

#1) A New Look for NCEES:

Have you visited the NCEES website lately? They have been working on a new design which makes it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Though the layout’s different, the essentials like the calculator guidelines and FE exam specifics remain untouched. 

#2) Reference Manual 10.3:

The NCEES has just released a new version of the reference manual. Now, there’s the 10.3 update. There aren’t any major changes in this update but if you’re interested to know more about these changes, head over to the errata page. There, you’ll find a detailed PDF listing with all the updates made in this latest edition of the reference manual.

#3) No more Hardcopy Reference Manuals:

The NCEES has gone digital with their manuals. We always lean towards the PDF as it mirrors the exam environment. (Remember to use the Ctrl + f search function on your keyboard to easily find the terms you’re looking for in the manual) But if you prefer physical copies you can still find it on Amazon ($25). Just ensure you pick the most updated one!

#4) Digital NCEES Practice Exams:

Another interesting update is that the NCEES now offers a digital version of the practice exams for just $30. This not only saves you money but also preps you for the real exam conditions. With the reference handbook on one side and practice exam on the other, it’s an experience close to the actual FE Exam.

#5) A Quick Note on Conceptual Questions:

While the FE exam structure hasn’t really shifted, it’s essential to remember the importance of conceptual questions. Don’t just lean into the practical bits. Concepts are key. If you’re scratching your head over them, we have a handy video full of tips to navigate those waters.

If you want to learn more about the recent FE Exam changes, check out my YouTube video below:

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