FE Other Disciplines

FE Other Disciplines Courses

Courses recommended for those taking the FE Other Disciplines Exam. Currently we have a course that covers the morning section of the FE Other Disciplines Exam, with the afternoon version expected in 2024!

Course Curriculum

What's Inside


• Oxidation and reduction 

• Acids and bases 

• Chemical reactions

Instrumentation And Controls

• Sensors 

• Data acquisition 

• Logic diagrams

Safety, Health, and Environment

• Industrial hygiene 

• Basic safety equipment 

• Gas detection and monitoring 

• Electrical safety

• Confined space entry and ventilation rates

• Hazard communications 

Basic Electrical Engineering

• Electrical fundamentals

• Current and voltage laws

• AC and DC circuits

• Measuring devices

• Three-phase power 

Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer

• Thermodynamic laws

• Thermodynamic equilibrium

• Thermodynamic properties

  • Thermodynamic processes 

• Heat transfer 

• Mass and energy balances

• Property and phase diagrams 

• Combustion and combustion products 

• Psychrometrics 

Engineering Fundamentals