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1. A 35 steel specimens were subjected to a tensile load to obtain the yield strength. The standard deviation is 2.7 and sample mean is 250 MPa.

The 90% confidence interval for the yield strength of the steel is:

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2. The moment of inertia about x' axis (mm^4) is:

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3. A 1.5-kg ball is shot from the spring, which has a stiffness of 12 N/m. The spring is compressed 0.75 m by the plate with no load. After adding the ball, the spring compresses 1.25 m.

The velocity (m/s) of the ball when it reaches position 2.5 m:

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4. A beam is shown below. The modulus of elasticity of the beam is 29(10^3) ksi and the moment of inertia is 175 . The deflection (in) of the beam at mid-span is:

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5. A reservoir is 8 ft above the centerline of pipe as shown below. The motor driving the pump supplies 104 hp to the pump. The head loss due to friction is 36 ft. The flow rate is 16 cfs.

The efficiency of the pump is:

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