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Discover the best way to incorporate practice exams into your plan and which are the best!

Study Plans to Pass Faster

The typical FE journey leaves engineers lost, confused, and falling behind. 

Building your FE Study Plan is going to keep you from getting stuck and not progressing. 

My name is Kenza, and I’ve talked to hundreds of students about their study plans and have learned what works (and what doesn’t). And I knew I had to share this guide to make a study plan with you.

Get on the path to passing and getting your EIT today! 

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The first time I studied for the FE I had no direction at all. I watched so many YouTube videos on all the topics for the FE environmental exam and got so many books, I was overwhelmed.

The exam date came fast and I didn’t pass on my first try. This time around I knew I wanted to buy a course and I had seen Kenza’s videos on YouTube. I loved how she taught the material, she broke it down into digestible steps for me to grasp! I bought her course.

I loved the structure of the course and all the problems are relevant and her method is the best at tackling problems even on exam day! I can not thank Kenza enough, she has a great team!

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