The 10 Best Study Tips to Pass Your FE Exam in 2023

In this blog post we’re going to share with you the 10 best study tips that will help you pass your FE Exam in 2023.

After talking to hundreds of students that passed their fe in 2022, I put together the 10 best study tips that helped students pass their FE.

Tip 1: Specifications

The specifications provide the subjects you must study for the FE exam. There is a specification for each discipline and you can download them at the NCEES website. 

Once you download the specifications, I recommend that you take some time to go over them, and take a look at the subjects that you would have to study. Do the subjects look familiar? Which subjects will be your weaknesses, and which will be your strengths?

We all disliked dynamics, so you may struggle with it or even with statics because it has been a while since you solved the reaction of a beam and you forgot. But that’s OK, don’t panic; this will just help you with tip 3, which we will get to in a bit. But keep the specifications open; I would even recommend

printing it and having it next to you when you’re studying, and you can check off the subjects as you’re studying so you don’t miss anything.

Tip 2: Reference handbook

After logging into your NCEES account, you can download the latest version of the reference

handbook. It contains all the equations and concepts that will be on the FE exam, so make sure to use it while studying. Even if you’re not in the mood to study, just skimming through the handbook can save you a lot of time during the exam. To familiarize

yourself with the format of the exam, it is recommended to use the PDF version rather than the book version. Additionally, to access the search function as it will be on the exam, use the shortcut ctrl + shift + f.

Tip 3: Study plan

It’s time to develop a plan for studying for your FE exam. Remember, without a plan, you’re planning to fail. Determine how much time you need to prepare and create a study schedule that works for your schedule.

You can find some study plans that have helped other students pass their FE Exam in 4 months here.

Motivation is not something that comes naturally, it is gained through taking action and having a structured plan in place. In this case, taking action means starting to study and do problems.

Having a plan and systems in place will make it easier for you to stick to your schedule and not rely on willpower. Tips 4 to 10 will help you establish your study plan and process.

Tip 4: Time block

Creating a time block calendar is a great way to manage your busy schedule and make the most of your study time. It allows you to be intentional and efficient with your time by setting specific blocks of time each day for studying. This can help with motivation and consistency, as it becomes a habit to show up at the same time every day, rather than

relying on willpower. Many of our students have reported that using time blocking leads to less distractions, more productive study sessions, and increased learning. Give it a try and learn more about it here.


Tip 5: Study spot

Pick a spot only for studying, and make sure you remove all distractions, don’t have your phone near you, and don’t open tabs that are not related to the FE. If you show up every day to your spot and study, you will reinforce the study habit, and again, it will

be easier for you to study. Remember, it’s about creating systems in place so you don’t have to think about studying; you just show up and do it!

Tip 6: Cheat sheet

When I was in college and preparing for my FE, I created cheat sheets, I found them very useful and they helped me remember important equations and concepts. We have created a 30-page long cheat sheet, you can find it here. I also recommend creating your own cheat sheet. Here are some things you can include in your cheat sheet:

    1. Steps on how to solve certain problems or how to use certain equations (Depreciation using Macrs, or moment of inertia),

    1. Important concepts or equations that are not on the reference handbook, like vertical parabola or ellipse

    1. Some unit conversions that you’re using all the time and it will save you time to remember it vs looking up under units section, cfs to gpm very common in fluid mechanics

    1. You can also add the common mistakes that you keep doing so you remember them for your FE

You should create the cheat sheet as you’re studying and constantly review it, especially a couple of days before your FE!

Tip 7: Study material

Gather all the study material that you’ll be using to prepare for your FE. Remember, you want to have everything ready to go and avoid wasting time searching for problems during your study sessions. There are many resources available to help you prepare, but some may be more effective than others.

Before you start studying, spend time researching the best options for you. If you’re willing to invest in your FE Exam, consider taking an FE prep course. EnGENIEer offers lifetime access to FE prep courses that are designed to help you pass the exam. Our courses are 100% on-demand and you have a dedicated team ready to help you every step of the way.

Tip 8: Calculator

On the FE exam, these are the calculators you’re allowed to have. My favorite is ti-36x pro, i find it easy to use and it has great functions. It doesn’t matter which calculator you’re using, but it’s very important that you know your calculator really well; it’ll save you a lot of time during the FE exam.

Make sure you know all the functions it can do. Also, double-check when entering numbers to make sure you didn’t mistype anything. If you guys want me to cover some important functions using a calculator, comment below calculator

Tip 9: Review sessions

If you’re worried about forgetting what you’ve learned while studying for the FE, I recommend taking some time each week to review your notes and the problems you’ve covered. It’s important to prepare your review session by choosing a suitable study spot and dedicating 1.5 to 3 hours

of your time to do it. Doing this will help reinforce the concepts and make them easier to remember.

Reviewing material is crucial for solidifying understanding and improving retention of the material.

Additionally, going over the problems you got wrong can help you understand them better. Another effective strategy is to review your notes every day before bed, which helps to keep the information fresh in your mind. This is a technique that my students have found very helpful in retaining the information they’ve learned.

Tip 10: Practice exam

You have to take at least one practice exam. The best way to prepare for an exam is to mimic the exam environment; this will help you mentally prepare. Make sure to time yourself, you can take a 25 min break when you get to question 55. If you want to know the best practice exams to take, check link

below. Also, make sure you have a strategy on when to flag questions, again this could help you save so much time and increase your chances of passing the FE exam. Remember, the goal is not to get every question right, but to get as many questions as

possible to pass. I talk about the best exam strategy in this video, and you can find the link in the description below.

Bonus tip: Don’t stop your hobbies

We had a student, Alex, who stopped doing everything he enjoyed to study for his FE, and he wasn’t able to pass his FE until he started doing his hobbies again. Taking a break, working out, and spending time with family and friends are very

important to your FE journey. Don’t pause your entire life to just study and work; you will burn out, and not enjoy the process, which will affect your learning and your productivity. Don’t underestimate the importance of recharge time.

Remember, you want to study smart, not hard, and by taking breaks, you will learn more, retain the information for your FE, and ultimately pass your FE faster.

You got this! By following these 10 study tips, you’ll be well on your way to passing your FE exam in

2023. Remember, understanding the specifications and utilizing the reference handbook are key. Create a study plan that works for you and stick to it.

Consistency is key! And don’t forget to take care of yourself too – make sure you get enough sleep and take breaks when you need them. With these strategies in mind, you’ll be able to approach the exam with confidence and determination. We believe in you and wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a licensed engineer!

If you want to see the video version of the 10 Best study tips to PASS you FE Exam in 2023 click below!


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