When Is the Best Time to Schedule the FE Exam?

FE exam schedule day

Wondering when the best time to schedule your FE exam is? You’re not alone! In this blog, we will offer some advice on when is the best time to schedule your FE exam.

Study First

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam consists of 13-17 distinct topics. That demands a certain level of work and dedication to study all of those subjects and understand the concepts. When it’s your first time taking the FE exam, you don’t know how long it will take you to get through a course or your study materials. And you don’t want to rush yourself by scheduling your exam too soon. It’s better not to put yourself under too much pressure and anxiety by scheduling your exam for a date that you can’t meet. 

Instead, get halfway through your study material or course to see what you’re getting into, then schedule your exam according to how you’re feeling and your study schedule.

If you schedule your exam before you’re prepared, you’ll have to pay a rescheduling fee. So don’t feel the pressure to study and take the test in a hurry. Take your time. Allow yourself enough time to understand the concepts, even if this means going over certain topics again.

If you've taken the exam before...

If you’ve taken the FE exam before, or even if you haven’t, don’t be afraid to schedule your exam just because you’re afraid of failing. Your study journey should help you attain confidence. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve previously failed; don’t let failure hold you back. You can do this!

After adjusting your methods and looking at your failed diagnostic report, schedule your exam 4 months out. That will give you enough time to go back through your study materials. If you want a 4-month study plan that will help you pass faster, download the study plan here.

If you do fail, use it as a lesson and motivation for your next attempt. Look at your diagnostic report, and adjust your study materials in order to move forward. Passing is not the goal; progress is what matters.

And if you’re looking for tools to kickstart your FE exam journey, start with our free FE Cheat Sheet. This FE exam study guide gives you the most important equations and concepts you need to know on the exam so you can stop guessing what’s important while studying. Download it today and start solving with confidence.

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