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The FE reference manual is a great resource. But it doesn’t teach you the most important equations, how to use the formulas, or cover essential concepts. It’s overwhelming to know what is necessary to remember.

You need a FE study guide to help you get the most out of your prep.

With this FREE 30+ page FE Exam Cheat Sheet you'll learn:


Discover concepts you should know about the equations.

Equations & Formulas

Get the equations and formulas not found in the handbook.


Know important definitions to help answer conceptual questions on the exam.

A study guide perfect for FE Civil, FE Mechanical or FE Other Disciplines

Learn the important concepts, equations, and definitions in these FE topics:

It's not really cheating...

Cheat sheets are a perfect study tool that allows you to write down and reference some of the most important things you will want to study again and again. Of course, you will not be taking this to the exam, but it will become your greatest study tool.

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I’ve never completed a course like this before. And I cannot express how great the Kenza was. The overall content of the material was presented in a very lively manner, with a good level of details.

Good to follow and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend these resources to anyone who wants to pass his/her FE Exam easily.
Gidar D. | EIT May 2021

Wouldn’t be great to start your FE prep with a cheat sheet?

Hi, I’m Kenza. Since 2018, I’ve helped hundreds of students pass their FE exams by simplifying concepts and problems, so it’s easier to remember. 

Typical FE resources don’t teach engineers how to use equations, implement concepts, or retain the information!

It’s no wonder 38% of recent grad FE Civil exam takers FAIL on the first try! That’s not counting retakers, anyone out of school for more than a year, or international students. 

There has to be a better way of preparing! 

I need to share this cheat sheet with everyone so that YOU can kickstart your journey with tools that help you PASS! 

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