130+ Free FE Exam Practice Problems on YouTube!

Free FE Exam Practice Problems

Practicing as many problems as you can before taking your FE Exam is a strategy that will help you pass faster.

Here is a list of over 90 free FE exam practice problems. Use these videos to begin to solve problems like those on your exam. Each video has hands-on, step-by-step solutions.

Your study material should make it easier for you to understand. Too often, students waste money on old, outdated material that leads them to failing the FE. Because they never actually learned how to solve the problems.

Below are six of the top videos to get you started. For the full playlist with over 90 problems, click here.

These problems are quick, and you can easily add one to a study session. Or use them as a starting point.

6 FE Exam Practice Problems

Find Reaction of Overhang Beam

In this video, I show you how to solve for overhang beam by showing you how to find the reaction. 

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Equivalent Force System

Stuck on how to solve equivalent force system? Join me in this video for a step-by-step solution to this statics problem.

Related: Truss Analysis

How to calculate reaction forces on beam

Do you know how to solve an example of a beam with different loads? Watch this week’s video and get to work alongside me as we solve this together.

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Download the Statics Units Cheat Sheet

Struggle with recalling your unit conversions in statics? Download the statics units cheat sheet and work alongside me to fill it out. You'll learn these core engineering principles and learn how to study for your FE faster.

Send me my download!

Dynamics Problem Velocity & Position

In this video, we are given the Velocity, and we are asked to determine the Position of a car at 3 seconds.

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Moment of Inertia about Centroidal X-Axis

In this video, we determine the moment of inertia about the centroidal x-axis of a circle inside a rectangle.

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Moment of Inertia About The Centroidal Y-Axis

In this video, we will find the moment of inertia about the centroidal y-axis of a circle inside a rectangle.

Related: How to Determine the Centroid of an Area

Whether you are just starting your FE journey or almost to exam day, give a few of these a try. Let us know how you did by leaving a comment below about which problems you worked on!

If you enjoyed these videos but want more, check out our fe prep course that give you all the problems and concepts you need to learn to pass your FE exam faster.

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