Take these FE Practices Exams in 2022

Taking practice exams is essential for preparing to take your FE exam. You get familiar with the questions, format, and timing, plus you get to practice more problems.

Make sure to include FE practice exam in your study schedule as a checkpoint.

But, knowing which practice exams to take is a very common question. There are many options, but I encourage students to use relevant ones to add to their FE study material.

How to Find Relevant FE Practice Exams

When I was preparing for my FE exam, I found a lot of free practice exams online. But after taking my FE exam, I realized that many of those exams were not relevant to the new exam format. Some of the exams had biology questions or double-reinforced beam; neither appear on the FE exam today.

Don’t waste your time. Make sure that the practice exam is up to date with the current FE exam.

Our list is built by suggestions from the enGENIEer community. These students have used these practice exams to check their progress, practice, and study in the final weeks before the exam.

There are two types of practice exams that you can take, book format or online.

FE Practice Exam Books

NCEES Practice Exam

Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial and Systems, Mechanical, Other Disciplines

You can buy it from the NCEES website.

This is one that I recommend everyone use. It comes in all disciplines, so it is suitable for all engineering students. Some students tell me that this exam is easier than the actual exam, but they still recommend it. Why? Because you get the feel of how the questions will be asked on your exam.

This book includes all the five different question formats: multiple-choice, multi-select, fill in the blank, point and click, drag and drop.


Civil only

Buy on Amazon

This book has mixed reviews from students. Some students found it relevant and others harder than the actual exam. But we still recommend taking it because it is important to expose yourself to different types of problems.


Civil only

Buy on Amazon

A lot of students like this one, it has good problems.


Again, students have told me they use this one during their civil fe exam prep.

Mock Exam

Civil, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines

Find on Reddit

I heard this from many students, and they find it very relevant to the FE exam. If you are going to choose only 2 or 3 practice exams, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your list!

This exam is for civil only, but since it’s free, if you’re taking Mechanical or Other Disciplines, you can take it and stop when you get to the Civil questions.

The Best FE Practice Exams in 2022

Here is our full list of FE Practice Exams proven to be relevant and effective by our students! 

NCEES Practice Exam: https://account.ncees.org/login

FE Civil Practice Exams by M. R. Islam: https://amzn.to/3vsMvOc

FE Civil Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions by Girum S. Urgessa: https://amzn.to/3xEYtH4

Civil Engineering FE Preparation Sample Questions and Solutions by Anthem: https://amzn.to/3ElpssF

Mock Exam: https://www.reddit.com/r/FE_Exam/comments/hgjm37/fe_civil_exam_resources/

NCEES Practice Exam: https://account.ncees.org/login

FE Mechanical Practice Exams by M. R. Islam: https://amzn.to/3vratcv

Mechanical Engineering FE Preparation Sample Questions and Solutions by Anthem:


NCEES Practice Exam: https://account.ncees.org/login

Other Disciplines Engineering FE Preparation Sample Questions and Solutions by Anthem:


NCEES Practice Exam: https://account.ncees.org/login

Environmental Engineering FE/EIT Sample Questions and Solutions by Anthem: https://amzn.to/3JS4nXK

NCEES Practice Exam: https://account.ncees.org/login

Fundamental of Engineering Electrical and computer #1 by Wasim Asghar: https://amzn.to/3jOAvkD

Fundamental of Engineering Electrical and computer #3 by Wasim Ashgar: https://amzn.to/37wfzMy

FE Practice Exam Online

Taking an online practice exam will help you prepare to take a computer-based test, flag questions, time you, and give you an overall score. You get the full experience of the exam.

But, what I heard from our students is that many of them are overly hard and not very close to the actual exam. For that reason, I do not have a list to recommend.

But, you don’t need to buy an online practice exam to get the full exam experience. What you can do is when you take a book practice exam, try to mimic the exam environment.

We do offer a civil practice exam if you buy one of our courses.

A former student, Andreza, said she took our practice exam and found it very helpful and pretty close to what we can expect on the exam.

Practice exams are great as part of your complete study resources. But usually not as your only resource. Be sure to check out our fe prep course where we simplify FE problems and concepts so you can gain the knowledge you need to pass your FE faster.

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