Quick Study Tips to Retain Information for FE Exam

Quick Study Tips to Retain Information for FE Exam

Are you spending 30 minutes – or more – every day just trying to figure out WHAT to study? And by the time you actually start to study, you’re drained and demotivated. That was the same case with me as well, but once you start implementing this single habit, your studying will be drastically improved.

Here’s revealing this habit and giving you some bonus tips to take your fundamental engineering exam prep to the next level!

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A daily schedule or an organized plan is the best habit to have for studying, whether for the FE or engineering classes.

To put it simply, a daily schedule is a checklist for what you want to get done each day. Though some people might already have some form of a daily schedule, many of them make one very crucial mistake! They’re not specific enough in their schedule.

Take math, for example. If you just put “study math” on your schedule, that’s too broad and unhelpful. When it’s time to “study math”, you still need to figure out exactly what. The better tactic is to put down “Algebra Problems 1 – 5”. This is both specific and actionable, you know exactly what problems you’ll need to tackle.

A general rule to follow is when planning includes the resource, section, and specific problems you’ll be working through. The more specific you are, the more productive you’re going to be.

Now, remember from the time blocking blog that you should always try to remove willpower from the studying equation. A daily schedule that is very specific helps with that when it’s time to study, you have everything ready such as resources, sections, and problems! Pro tip: Combining your daily schedule with a time-blocked calendar will make you even more disciplined to stay consistent! Click here to read the time blocking blog post.

Let’s check out an example daily schedule. Imagine we have problems 1-5 separated from problems 6-10.

Any guesses as to why?

A couple of reasons:-

1. Breaking large problem sets into chunks makes the list seem much more approachable and manageable.

2. The separation creates natural places to take a break. After you finish Problems 1-5, reward yourself with a relaxing 15-minute recharge!

3. Smaller sections allow you to see your progress — which helps with motivation and momentum!

Bonus Tip:

Now for the bonus tip as promised above, Notice in the example daily schedule there’s a spot for review? Take 5-10 minutes to review. This is going to help you retain information longer and remember it during your exam.

At the end of your daily schedule, leave a spot for preparing the next day’s schedule and figure out which is the best time to do it. From that day of studying, you’ll have a great idea of what you need to tackle next.

Feel free to add notes to your daily checklist, things that you want to remind yourself of.  Hope this helps you stay focused and motivated.

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