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Upcoming Live

September 9, 2023 12:00 PM EST

2023 FE Webinar

Learn from their Journeys and Pass in 2023!


Hosted by Andres, Kennya & Andre

Former Students

Saturday September 9, 2023 - 12:00 PM EST


Join our special Q&A Webinar this Saturday where Andre, Kennya, and Andres share their FE Exam journeys with you. Learn more about their strategies and unique backgrounds, and how they overcame difficulties, leading them to finally pass their FE Exam!

Each one faced unique challenges during their study phase – from mastering time management, navigating through practice exams, to taking advantage of our Genie Prep community resources.

This isn’t just another talk; it’s an opportunity for you to ask real questions and receive real answers from those who once stood where you stand now.

You can still pass the FE Exam by the end of this year. Don’t miss out and join us this Saturday!

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"Passing the FE looked like an impossible goal for me at some point.

After doing a lot of research I came across with Genie Prep course and could not be more grateful that I did. Having been out of school for 15 years, I needed a good refresher, starting with baby steps. This course was the perfect match for my needs, Kenza holds your hand throughout the course until you are ready to take the FE exam. I passed on my first attempt thanks to the Genie Prep course (Morning, Afternoon, and Statics) and the support from the team.

Thank you, Kenza, Praneetha, and the entire Genie Prep team, I could have not done it without you!"
E.I.T and Genie Prep former student​

I am just going to type how it comes to mind and hope it comes out understandable:

I’ve been a student with Genie prep for more than a year, literally been studying with Kenza’s material for a whole year. I needed every bit of that year. I am so thankful for the self-paced, life time membership, it really took a lot of the pressure off studying for me. I was able to move at a realistic pace for me. Most courses cost about the same or more and only give you 6 months access. I just could not see myself successful with such a course for the FE exam. Having a family with so many priorities, busy work-life that could easily demand more than a typical 40-hour week to stay ahead on tasks, and on top of that being an employee that tends to be called on for more high-level organizational tasks, adding studying for this kind of exam on top of an already draining day was tough. 

Kenza’s style and the way she walks us through the problems feels like having a personal tutor with me the whole way. Having the sense of community with the Genie Prep program too. Being able to text Kenza and also utilizing Discord. Also being introduced to Rim, who constantly checked in with me, and was always there to listen to my struggles and asking me about my progress, giving me advice and encouragement the entire way, I mean it was the best feeling I could have had preparing for this exam. PASSING this exam was one of the best feelings of my entire life!

With sincere gratitude I want to thank the Genie Prep team, especially Kenza and Rim and I want to encourage any student that may read this that with this program, you have all the tools necessary to succeed on this exam, no doubt whatsoever.
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E.I.T and Former Genie Prep Student