How to Take a FE Practice Exam

FE Practice Exam checklist

You researched and purchased your practice exam, but now what do you do? Some of the best practice exams are books, and the exam is computer-based. You’re going to want to set up your practice exam environment to mimic the exam environment the best you can.

Below are the 7 must-have tools and guidelines to follow while setting up your desk to have a successful FE practice exam.

#1: Approved FE Calculator

Grab the calculator you have been using while preparing for your FE exam and make sure you know all the functions because it will save you a lot of time during your exam!

FE Exam approved calculators include (contains affiliate links):

#2: Paper and Pen

On the actual exam, the exam center provides a booklet and a pen that you can use to solve problems. While at home, you can grab paper and a pen.

TIP: When you solve problems, make sure to number the problems, so your notes stay organized. And if you get stuck on a problem, you will flag it and come back to the problem later.

#3 Clock or Timer

The FE exam is timed, and you will want to mimic that at home. You will have to solve 110 questions in 5 hours and 20 minutes during the exam.

Some practice exams have only 100 questions. For those exams, you should set the timer for 5 hours.

#4 The FE Reference Handbook

During the exam, you will be able to use the FE Reference Handbook as a PDF. So, while taking your practice exam, open the reference handbook on your computer and make sure that you use CTRL+Shift+F for the search box.

TIP: Make sure that all tabs on your computer are closed, and all notifications are off; you don’t want any unnecessary distractions.

#5 Remove All Distractions

Now is an excellent time to let everyone know that you will be taking a practice exam, so nobody tries to reach you or interrupt you. And make sure to put your phone away or turn on do not disturb mode.

#6 Take a Break at Question 53

Every test taker is asked if they want to take a break around questions 50 to 57. The exact spot will vary from one person to person. Before submitting, you get a chance to review your questions. But once you submit your questions and take a break, you can’t go back and review the previous questions! So make sure you check the questions and pause your timer. Your break should not be more than 25 minutes.

#7 Make a Table for Flagging

This tip will help keep your exam organized! First, at the top of your page, create a table for the questions that you want to review or flag. Then, before your break and at the end, go back to those questions to review or finish.

Setting yourself up for a successful practice exam experience will better prepare you for the real thing. Take the time to do it correctly.

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