· January 6, 2021

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Are you stuck on how to find zero force members of a truss? Need to learn how to find moment of inertia? But unsure on where to start? 

Typical statics courses don’t teach you the basics of what you need to know. Or they breeze past it, assuming you’ve remembered it from your early college class. Unfortunately, this leaves you failing to gain the knowledge and confidence in Statics and will leave you behind as you begin to prepare for your FE exam. 

In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Statics. It is excellent for engineers who need to learn and remember the fundamentals of the Statics portion of the FE Civil, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines exams.

Topics covered:

You’ll have guided step-by-step video solutions for each problem and a discussion section to ask questions if you need more help. In addition, quizzes will be given at the end of each section, testing your knowledge and understanding of the material. Plus, a BONUS FE Statics Practice Exam! 

In 2-3 weeks, you’ll be ready to tackle any Statics problem and use what you learn to pass the FE faster! 

We understand how engineering should be taught.

Our courses were built to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the FE Exam.

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