2024 Conceptual FE Civil Practice Exam 02

· May 3, 2023

2024 Conceptual FE Civil Practice Exam 02

A FE Civil engineering practice exam designed to test your readiness for the actual exam. This exam focuses only on conceptual engineering problems, so that you feel confident when you take your FE exam.


  • 110 Conceptual Questions

    All questions are extremely relevant to the 2024 FE Civil exam.

  • Computer-Based

    Practice exam mimics the actual FE exam format.

  • Flag Problems for Review

    Just like the actual FE, flag problems for review at the end of your exam.

  • Timed - 3:45

    Allows for about 2 minutes per question.

  • Results Breakdown by Subject

    See which subjects you scored well in and which subjects need more work.

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