Black Friday 2022: The course you need to pass your FE exam is on SALE!

Whether you’ve already made a shopping list for Black Friday 2022, it’s not too late to remind you that, if you’re an engineer, your best purchase would be an online course that will help you pass your FE exam once and for all. Believe me, your future self will thank you!

The Secret To Pass Your FE Exam

At enGENIEer, we’ve spent the past few weeks interviewing FE exam candidates. Between those who passed on the first try and those who have failed a dozen of times, we realized that: There is no secret recipe to passing the FE, nor is there a right time to do it. The only right time is the time you actually sit at your desk and study for it.

Studying for the FE is the tricky part though. How can you know you’re using the right materials? How much time do you need to allocate for it? How can you balance between your social life, your job, and the preparation?

Imagine being a mom of two, juggling between a full time job and household chores, being present on social events and finding the time for proper nights of sleep, and still passing your FE exam. It seemed odd until one of enGENIEer’s students proved that it’s feasible. Her secret? Studying smarter using the right courses.

You Know You’re Using The Right Course When Studying Feels Easy

If there is one rule we go by as we build our FE exam courses, it’s definitely that simplicity is key. Engineers who have passed their FE using enGENIEer’s course were initially skeptical, unable to grasp how we make it feel easy while it’s supposed to be hard. But after failing a couple of times using other popular courses, they have learned the hard way that: Just because a course is popular, doesn’t mean it’s good.

enGENIEer’s courses include 100% on-demand videos, unlimited lifetime access, hundreds of realistic problems and concepts, and most importantly, a dedicated student support system to walk you through your FE exam journey.

Black Friday 2022: enGENIEer’s FE Exam Courses Deals

This November 11th, the same courses that have helped thousands of engineers pass their FE will be offered at a special price.

Here is what to expect on enGENIEer’s Black Friday 2022 Sale:

  • $400 off our FE Civil bundle deal (The Accelerator Morning + Afternoon+ the Statics course, and the 2023 FE Civil Practice Exam). The bundle offers in-depth teachings, over 800 realistic problems, and step-by-step video solutions to pass your FE exam.
  • $100 off our FE Accelerator Morning.
  • $100 off our FE Accelerator Afternoon.
  • $150 off the FE Quick Review. Includes fast-paced practice problems focused on the essentials to strengthen your base knowledge.

If you would still rather spend your money on Meta’s Newest VR Headset or a video game, that’s totally up to you. But if you are willing to challenge yourself, and excel in your engineering career, then enGENIEer is definitely the perfect digital product to add to your cart on Black Friday 2022.

black friday 2022 fe exam course sale

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