Best Ways to Prep the Week of your FE Exam – No Cramming Allowed!

The final weeks before your FE exam are very important to your success on that day. But, what is the best approach to the last few days? This article will discuss the best way to spend the final days so you can take the FE exam with knowledge, energy, and confidence. (Hint: You will not be cramming during this last week!)

Day 7: Review, Reinforce, Retain

It’s the final week before your FE exam; it’s time to focus on reviewing, reinforcing, and retaining everything you have learned so far. Depending on the type of student you are, you may have time to study one or two new engineering concepts, or maybe you want to review your notes.

Study during your regular schedule, and remember, the point of this week is not to cram! Trying to cram as much information into one study session or one week is a bad study habit and doesn’t work for most people.

Day 6: FE Practice Exam

Now it’s time to work on a practice exam. I have read posts on Reddit suggesting doing as many practice exams as possible during the last week. That’s not necessarily helpful. The plan is not to overdo it because that can lead to stressing and overexposing yourself to many different problems and concepts.

Take one practice exam and mimic the exam environment. If you want to know the best practice exams to take or how to take them, read this article next.

Day 5: Review Practice Exam Results

After taking a practice exam, it’s time to review. You shouldn’t be learning anything new this week leading up to your exam. So instead, take yesterday’s practice exam answers, learn from your mistakes, review your weaknesses and reinforce the concepts you’ve already learned.

Today is the day you can also review your notes and cheat sheet that you made earlier in your FE journey. Have you started your cheat sheet? Make sure to download this cheat sheet; it is over 30 pages and covers all the most important equations and concepts you should know for the FE.

Day 4: Review FE Practice Problems

With just four more days until your exam, check in with how you feel. Today is the day to review FE practice problems. This review is different than what you did with the practice exam. This time, you can watch step-by-step solution videos on YouTube so that you’re getting extra reinforcement on how to solve them.

If you are enrolled in our courses, watch some of the videos and start with topics you may struggle with. If you need videos to watch, I have a playlist of over 90 FE practice problems with concepts and step-by-step solutions.

Day 3: Reinforce Your Resources

Now, by this time, I’m sure you’ve used the reference manual and calculator hundreds of times, but today is a great day to refresh your mind on equations in the handbook. We had a student Anthony, a week before his exam, he would go through the equations on the manual, and he would just make sure that he knew how to use the equations, or if he was given these variables, which equations should he use and what are the steps to solve the problems. And that helped him solve a lot of questions on his exam really fast.

Also, know how to use your calculator and all the functions it can do. Today is the day to ensure you’re quick at using your resources.

Day 2: Call on Your Support Team

Now is a great time to lean on your support team. For the next two days until your exam, you should take this time to decompress, do what you love, and be around loved ones. Hang out with friends and family, even just a quick lunch or a phone call. But do what you love and get encouragement and motivation from people in your close circle to start getting rid of those test butterflies.

I would also recommend that you find some time to review your notes and even attempt a few problems; this will help ease your mind and build your confidence.

Day 1: Recharge

Tomorrow is the big day and today is all about relaxing, clearing your mind, and lowing your anxiety. Take a walk, meditate, and exercise. But, do not study! I know you’re probably thinking that you should use every moment you have to study leading up to the exam, but that only does more harm than good. At this point, you don’t have the time to retain or learn anything new. You know this stuff; you’ve got it in you already. Trust that you’re ready.

If your stress levels are high, feel free to review your notes and your cheat sheet.

Also, make sure that you get a solid 8 hours of sleep so that you’re recharged and ready to go for the exam. Eat a lighter dinner so you’re not heavy in the morning, and stay calm and positive! You got this!

You’ve entered an exciting time for yourself and your career. Don’t waste your energy cramming and getting burned out! Know that going into the FE exam civil with the knowledge you’ve gained will get you through.

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